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  Pregnancy is the most special and unique time in your life and my mission is to capture your inner strength and beauty through timeless works of art.

Im  proud to provide an unforgettable experience and create amazing portraits that celebrate you and the miraculous life within you.



What is the best time to do a pregnancy session ?

The pregnancy session is best done between 28 and 34 weeks of pregnancy, the time when the tummy is clearly marked and the woman feels comfortable.Of course, there are no contraindications if you are already in a more advanced pregnancy and still feel good. However, if you are planning a session earlier it is better not to leave a date for the end of pregnancy, because the baby can surprise you with an earlier appearance in the world.

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When should I book a photo session ?

The sooner the better, this way You can be sure that there will definitely be a free space for photo session, so if you are 5-6 months pregnant it is a great time to contact me and reserve the session date.

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How do I prepare for a pregnancy session ? 

I highly recommend to all women to use the services of a hairdresser and makeup artist who will emphasize your beauty and you will feel special ... If you have your trusted stylists it's great!

After booking the session date you will receive from me other tips on what else to keep in mind when preparing for the session. Treat the session as a unique gift for yourself ... every expectant mother deserves it!

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What should I wear for My pregnancy session ?

In my studio you will certainly find something for yourself . I have several models of dresses especially for pregnancy sessions. Do not worry absolutely about the size of the dress, because they are in a universal size, sewn from very comfortable and flexible materials that beautifully emphasize your belly shape and curves.

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Whether my partner or my older children can participate in the session ?

Absolutely Yes. I love taking photos of a family, where you can see wonderful relationships and emotions that accompany you in this special time.

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 How long does the pregnancy session last?

Depending on which photo session you have chosen :

Mini session lasts up to 45 min.

Basic session lasts up to 1.30 hour.

Gold session lasts up to 2 hours.

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