I sent a letter to Brook...


My name is Justyna, I am a photography student in Scotland, although I originally come from Poland. For some time I have also been passionate about your art.

You are exceptionally talented and capable, your works inspire, ask questions, is timeless, beautiful, technically perfect and, above all, pleases the eyes and souls.

I am writing to you because for one of my classes (creative process) I am preparing a series of photo shoots following my favorite photos, we are to leave our comfort zone and try something new, take a step forward.

I mainly deal with social photography, I don't have the skills to deal with such creative photography that you create, but because I like to challenge myself, I wanted to try fine art photography. And put my thoughts on photo paper, and you instilled in me a passion for this kind of photography.

My main subject of photos is "strength". I will focus on symbolism.

As I am the happy owner of your Creative live course, I know a lot about how you plan, photograph and edit your photos. You are an amazing artist in your field.

Because in my life I like to make it difficult for myself by coming up with difficult projects, I am writing to you asking for some tips. How not to make this process difficult for myself?

Of course I understand that you have other more important things now, but maybe you can find a moment to e-mail me back, I will be very grateful.

Congratulations on your new born baby. It's wonderful to see how much happiness motherhood gives you!

Much love for you!


Justyna Ciemierz

I got an answer today ...

Hello Justyna ,

I'm Laura, Brooke's assistant. We want to thank you so much for sending kind words! We hope that you never stop going after your passion. Right now Brooke is really swamped and she won't be able to answer direct questions, but she's done some extensive interviewing online and we hope these resources will be a great help to you.

Thank you again!


p.s. I don’t know if this helps, but I have been witnessing Brooke create art and teach photography for many years now and what I have seen (in regards to your question about not making the process more difficult) is her mental approach. I think she decides that the process is either easy or fun to figure out or both!

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